Cost structure

This elective enrolls 14 students at a cost of $2500 per student.  This cost covers most expenses for the month including: travel during & between evolutions, food during evolutions, all park entry fees and guiding fees, lodging between evolutions and group gear. 

There are several student expenses:

Students are responsible for travel to/from the elective, fortunately SLC is a convenient and central place to travel to. 

Meals eaten between evolutions.  This occurs in SLC and Moab and typically total about $250.  

River guide tips.  Typically about $40.

Personal gear purchase and rental (See below).   

Personal gear, if purchased, can be quite expensive, but most items can be either borrowed or rented.  A few students have all they need, most spend about $100-150 on rentals. The course provides larger items such as tents and stoves, but smaller items such as mountaineering boots, sleeping bags, ice axes, and crampons are easily rented at REI in Salt Lake City.  Other items such as hiking packs or sleeping pads can often be borrowed.  Many colleges and universities have outing clubs that can loan you these items for free. 

We realize this is not cheap but the value is high.  We have made many efforts to keep costs down.  All instructor time is donated (volunteer).  Due to our efforts we have barely changed the cost for years despite rising costs from fuel, food, lodging and park entrance fees.  Also, in our research similar experience based courses offered by other organizations typically run at nearly double the cost.

Expect that if the elective goes unfilled (this has not happened in years) then the costs will go up to cover our expenses.  For example:

14 students = $2700 ea
12 students = $2800 ea
10 students = $3000 ea

The elective will not run with fewer than 10 students, if this ever occurs all deposits will be returned.  


A non-refundable $1000 deposit is required at the time of enrollment in the elective.

The remaining $1500 is typically expected in early January.