Our elective is temporarily on hold.  Please see our Home page for further information.

Wait List & Student Make up

There are 14 spots on the elective.  5 spots are reserved for Tufts students, though if these spots go unfilled we will open these spots to other students. The remaining 9 spots are for students from other schools.  Tufts students must apply through the mini-lottery system.  All other students are taken on a first come first serve basis.  Wait lists start building years in advance. Beginning in June or July we will invite the first 9 students on the list to enroll in the elective.  Subsequent spots will be offered as students accept or decline offered spots and enrollment will continue on a rolling basis until the elective is full, typically some time in September. Though occasionally new spots open through the year even as late as March or April so feel free to reach out to us any time. 

We do have space for 2 residents on the elective.  Priority is given to residents from MMC or who participated in the elective as a student.  Other residents must apply, please reach out to us if you are interested. 


* * * Please Note * * * : 
* 2019 our elective is filled and booked!
* 2020 we are no longer adding names to our wait list. We have a list of 50 interested students and don't typically go more than 25 students into our wait list. We apologize we are unable to accommodate everyone and hope you can find another enjoyable, enriching, and educational wilderness medicine experience

2021 and beyond:
Our elective is temporarily on hold we are not creating a new wait-list for any year at this time but anticipate we will again in the future.

In order to be added to the wait list email and ask to be added. Please provide the following information: 1) Your full name 2) Your best contact email address,we will use this for all future correspondences 3) What school you are at 4) What year you are interested in the elective. 
At the time you are offered a spot we will typically give you 2 weeks to respond with your non-refundable deposit in order to hold your spot.  If we do not hear from you in this time we will move to the next student on the wait list.  You will also send in your medical history form, your liability waiver, and then sign up via the VSAS system on the MMC website.