Information for Enrolled Students

Packing List

List of gear is discussed elsewhere.  To the right you can find a typical packing list pdf as well as YouTube video made by a former resident what to bring.

Important note on packing and costs.  By planning ahead some gear can be purchased used at a steap discount.  Renting at REI is a good option for gear you do not wish to buy.  Many students spend about $100-$150 to rent gear.  Snowshoes are more expensive to rent and often easier to borrow.  Also discounts can be obtained by buying an REI membership which is a lifetime purchase.  Consider if this may be right for you.    

Student Lecture Topics

These are suggested topics for students to select from.  If there is another topic you believe would be valuable please ask, we often approve other topics.

* Dental and ENT emergencies

* Allergies and anaphylaxis

* Wilderness wound management

* Water Purification

* Bites and stings

* Dysbarisms

* Wilderness tox: ingestions

* Wilderness tox: topical plants

* Diarrhea and communicable diseases

* Wilderness dermatology

* Frostbite and non-freezing cold injuries

* Blister care

* Traveling with special populations: Women, Geriatrics, Pediatrics, Special needs

* Snow blindness, Sun bumps, sun burn, heat rash

Current Reading List

This list is always evolving.  If there is a book you are hoping to read that is not on this list please ask, we may approve it. 

* Silent Spring

* The Big Necessary

* Desert Solitaire

* Cadillac Desert

* The Monkey Wrench Gang

* Encounters with the Archdruid

* Let the Mountains Talk, Let the Rivers Run

* The Practice of the Wild, Essays

* A Place in Space: Ethics, Aesthetics, and Watersheds

* "The Bear Hunt" from Go Down Moses

* Into the Wild

* White Fang

* The Call of the Wild

Scheduled Dates

Please see the schedule page for specific dates