After a 3 year hiatus (naturally extended by COVID) we are excited to announce that the elective will be back!  The first running of the rebooted MMC-TUSM Wildernes medicine elective will run in September 2022!

The new elective comes with a new format.  Coordinating the weather of Maine, we decided to move the elective to the fall rather than the spring.  Being a fall elective we anticipate that students will be requesting a SLOE (Standardized Letter Of Evaluation) from this elective.  In order to accommodate this we will have students spend two weeks working shifts in the emergency department at Maine Medical Center followed by two weeks in the back country.  The first two weeks will include both typical EM and wilderness specific training.  The second two weeks will be wilderness focused. 

The second two weeks will be spent first in Baxter State Park then on either the Allagash or West Branch of the Penobscot rivers. 

Disclaimer: As we are going live again the web page will be updated sequentially.  Not all pages reflect current standings/situations.  If you are interested in the elective please check also the Tufts University School of Medicine catalogue and apply via VSAS.